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Pro Moves & Freestyle Footwork Drills

The first thing we do is walk you through and teach you the most effective moves in Pro Lacrosse, so you can:
  • Flawlessly execute pro moves that “shake” even the best defenders
  • Humiliate your opponents in 1-on-1's with flashy, effective and pro-level "freestyle" moves so you have space & time to do what you want with the ball
  • Walk on any field with confidence and the moves to break your defender’s ankles!
Here is just 1 small example of how we break things down....

Shooting Secrets

In this module, we’re going to walk you through a series of exclusive shooting videos revealing...
  • The secret pro shooting technique to add 200% more power to your shots WITHOUT having to lift weights or increase your actual "strength"
  • How to shoot accurately so you can place it where you want-- without sacrificing any of that power... 
  • The little-known technique to get off high-quality shots… even with a defender in your face!
We’ve had girls go through this training section & went from making ZERO goals nearly every game… putting up 3-5+ goals PER GAME.

Needless to say, you do NOT want to skip this.

At this point you'll have learned to get space and time on the field and be able to make the most of that space by shooting, with more power & accuracy…

But we won't stop there...

Speed & Agility

Being quick and explosive on the field will give you an advantage. Which is why we’re also going to show you...
  • How to gain more speed & increase your agility
  • The little known trick to STOP getting faked out and instead, become ruthless on defense
  • The single most powerful thing you can do to become faster EVEN IF you're not "naturally athletic"
So you can blow past defenders, and make highlight-reel plays on offense...

While also becoming ruthless on defense -- never getting faked out by anyone...

 Injury Prevention

Of course, being the fastest, most explosive athlete means nothing if you have to sit a season out.

That’s why inside Shake School, we’ve also included a special section with Kyle Henley -- founder of H.E.A.T. whom we believe is one of the top experts in Strength Conditioning and Injury Prevention.

You’ll train alongside him and discover...

  • How to prevent tears & sprains
  • The same injury prevention techniques used with D1 & Pro Athletes
  • ​3 of our favorite injury prevention warm-ups that you can do at home (no equipment needed)
At this point, you’ll have all the skills you need to be a star player on offense…

But you don’t want to be a liability on defense, right? Which is why we've included these next 2 sections...

Defend Like A Pro

In this section you’ll train directly alongside Megan Douty -- Team USA Defender and 2014 IWLCA Defender of The Year and discover:
  • The weird movements & footwork you can use to stick to your opponents like glue (HINT: It's more than simple movements like sprint, shuffle and back-pedal)
  • The single most powerful move to stop your opponent dead in their tracks
  • How to read your opponents every move BEFORE they make it... so you NEVER get faked out (they don't teach this in high school)

 Mindset & Confidence

All the skills and athletic abilities in the world mean nothing if you don’t have the right mindset to go with it.

That’s why in Shake School, you'll also discover:
  • How to conquer the fear of messing up new moves, missing shots, or getting shut down by defenders so you actually start PERFORMING them in game situations
  • The "confidence secret" to being able to take the ball all the way to the cage -- rather than always passing it off
  • What to do to be the dominant player in 1-on-1s so you can go up against even the best defenders without dropping the ball or turning it over

PLUS... You'll Also Get Over $400 Worth of FREE Bonuses!

As part of your 1 Year Membership to Shake School, you’ll also get access to…

BONUS #1: Monthly Zoom Calls

Total Value: $197

If you ever have questions about the drills or workouts inside Shake School…

Simply bring them to our Monthly Zoom Calls to get LIVE answers, feedback and detailed breakdowns!

Plus, we use these calls to talk about the challenges you’re facing on or off the field… and help you solve those problems so you become a more complete player.

BONUS #2: ALL-PRO Challenges With Live Feedback

Total Value: $127

Ever wondered what it’d be like to train with an AU/WPLL Pro?

In this series of Shake School workouts, you’ll practice moves from some of the top athletes in Women’s Lacrosse, including…
🥍 Kylie Ohlmiller
🥍 Lauren Lea
🥍 Sam Apuzzo
🥍 Dempsey Arsenault
🥍 Megan Douty
...and get LIVE, 1-ON-1 FEEDBACK from them as you work through their drills!

With 9 All-Pro Challenges and counting…

You’ll have the unique opportunity to get tons of feedback from each of the Pros I mentioned above…

And they’ll personally help you correct your form, avoid common mistakes, and become a more complete player!

Bonus #3: FREE Admission to
The Shake School Showcase

Total Value: $97

College coaches tune in from all across the nation, looking for new talent in our Shake School Showcase.

And when you join Shake School today... you get FREE admission!

Inside the showcase - you start by completing a series of standardized drills, just like the NFL Combine… and if you rank in the top 25, you will have the chance to:
  • Join 24 other girls and get scouted by colleges and getting commitments all across the country. 
  • Receive additional training to prepare for D1 competition
  • Get a scholarship or commitment from a college
Previously, all 25 of our Top 25 Showcase Athletes got commitments from top colleges…

So if you want exposure to the country’s BEST lacrosse programs -- you NEED to be a part of this Showcase.

Bonus #4: Coaches Corner

Total Value: $57

Inside this series of training videos, we go a level deeper and explain the underlying strategies behind each technique you learn inside Shake School.

This helps you because you'll be able to not only PERFORM the moves... but understand our training philosophy so you can start creating your own routines and drills for even better results...

Bonus #5: Drill Blueprints

Total Value: $35

You're also going to get downloadable PDFs of all the most critical drills inside Shake School…

Simply print them out, and take them with you wherever you train!

PLUS Get A 100% Risk Free

1-Year Money Back Guarantee

For some inexplicable reason, if at any point during the next year... Even if it's 3 minutes, or 300 days from now... if you’re not happy with the program or you’re not feeling that your game is advancing the way you wanted…

All you have to do is simply send us an email at and let us know you want a refund.

And we will immediately refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hard feelings. 

We're doing this because we're so confident this program works... we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Now, I know we just covered a lot, so...

Let’s Recap Everything You’re Getting...

The Core Program: Shake School 

Start Winning EVERY Matchup, Humiliate Your Opponents in 1-On-1’s & Even Get Scouted By Top Colleges!

Footwork Fundamentals ($167 value)
​✅ Shooting Secrets ($47 value)
​✅ Speed & Agility ($97 value)
Injury Prevention ($97 value)
✅ Defense Like A Pro ($197 value)
​✅ Mindset and Confidence (priceless)

PLUS $413 in FREE Bonuses!

✅ BONUS #1: Monthly Zoom Calls ($97 value)
✅ BONUS #2: ALL-PRO Challenges w/Feedback ($127 value)
✅ BONUS #3: FREE Showcase Admission ($97 value)
✅ BONUS #4: Coaches Corner ($57 value)
✅ BONUS #5: Drill Blueprints ($35 value)

✅ 100% RISK-FREE 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

Total Value = $1,018

If you invested in these trainings separately, it would cost over $1,018...

Which may seem like a lot... but considering some private Lacrosse clubs have paid me over $15,000 to learn the exact things you're going to learn in Shake School today... that would be a bad deal.

However, here's the deal..

When you enroll in Shake School today... you are NOT going to pay $1,018...

In fact, you won’t even have to pay 75% of that, which would be around $750…

Instead, you can have 1-Year ALL ACCESS PASS to Shake School… Plus everything else I mentioned above and…

Join Shake School for an investment of


that works out to less than $50 per month!

Plus, don’t forget…

You’re backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee 

High level, serious athletes are willing to invest in themselves...

What will you choose? Sit on the sidelines... or invest in yourself, train, learn and do what it takes to get good?

When you click the button above…

You’ll be taken to a secure form where you’ll enter your order details…

Then as soon as you’re finished, you’ll get instant access to our special “members-only” area...

Where you can start training directly alongside me and the AU/WPLL Pros I mentioned above!

Plus, you can access the entire Shake School program on any device you want -- computer, phone or tablet.

Now, you’ve seen everything inside of Shake School…

You’ve seen how thousands of players just like you are…

  • Drastically improving their shooting, fakes, footwork, and explosiveness…
  • Becoming dominant forces on the field -- both on offense AND defence…
  • Getting noticed by top colleges and even getting full-ride scholarships…

And you’ve seen how even PLL & AU/WPLL Pros are improving their game thanks to Shake School...

So now, you have a choice to make:

Either you can click off this page and ignore Shake School…

Simply go back to your normal training routine…

And hope that everything you know now about playing Lacrosse is enough to get you to the next level.

Or, you can click the button below to join Shake School today…

Over the course of the next year, we’ll improve every aspect of your game -- both physically and mentally…

You’ll train to compete at a D1 level, so that you get noticed by top colleges during their recruiting process...

And you’ll likely look back a year from now...

Feeling proud of how you’ve become a far more efficient, complete, and dominant player out on the field.

The choice is yours…

But if you want the best future for yourself as an athlete and a Lacrosse player…

Then I highly recommend you give Shake School a try by clicking the button below now.

Thank you for checking out Shake School.

I’m excited to get to know you and start training together!

Coach Kacy Small

P.S. For lacrosse players who’re serious about improving their skills and becoming star players in college…

Shake School is quickly becoming the go-to program for athletes & coaches all over the country.

And if you decide to join us and learn the same moves as top Pros & D1 Athletes...

You’ll train directly alongside me and several AU/WPLL Pros over the course of an ENTIRE year, to improve every aspect of your game including…

Shooting, Fakes & Footwork, Injury Prevention, Speed & Agility, Mindset, and Defense.

Plus, if you decide to join Shake School today…

You’ll be backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee for the entire duration of your membership…

Meaning that there’s no risk on your end to join the program and start improving your game today.


Just click the button below now to join Shake School!

Hear From Our Past Students!

Hey Kacy,

Love the drills & knowledge bombs. You helped me tremendously in preparation to being a 1st year head varsity coach. You’ve got a gift for coaching/ teaching. I can’t wait to introduce your program and transform our boys & share with our girls. 

Deron B

Hi Kacy,

Love the creative content and looking forward to much more. Can't wait to try these drills myself and to train my athletes as well.

Kyle D

I will have to say it was one of the reasons my high school team, Sacred Heart Academy, won the Kentucky State Championships this year. "Slide em and Leave em" was said many of times throughout the year. 

Dennis T

Thanks, all the drills are very effective.

Jesse R

Love the platform and the drills are great, can't wait to get some new drills on there. I am using them in my training and my travel practices.

Vinny G.

Love the content. I had one of my players meet me this morning to run through everything and it was great. Would love for y’all to come out to Nashville for some training sessions! 


My daughter had an incredible experience. I love all of what you are doing and think kids of all ages and abilities would benefit!

Dean C

Kacy, Thanks for the amazing content! Super excited to teach it.

Caelynne B

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does online training really work?

A: Yes! I’ve designed Shake School to be just as effective as my in-person clinics, and any coach or player should easily be able to perform these workouts at home.

Plus, you can simply film yourself performing the workouts inside Shake School and you’ll get LIVE Feedback from myself and several AU/WPLL Pros!

How quickly can I see results?

A: For athletes that already train on a regular basis… Many of our students report drastic improvements to their footwork, fakes, shooting & explosiveness inside just 1-2 weeks.

But of course, this also depends on how frequently you train with Shake School and whether or not you incorporate it into your regular training.

How often do I need to train?

A: For best results, we recommend athletes and coaches build the Shake School workouts into their regular training a minimum of 1-2 times a week. That includes both in-season and off-season.

Does Shake School work for both men’s AND women’s lacrosse?

A: Absolutely. In fact, I use this exact training for female high school players.. all the way up to men’s PLL pros.

When I set out to create Shake School, I wanted to crush the stereotype that women’s lacrosse is “just different” from men’s.

Chances are you have the same power, strength and explosiveness as the guys do…

You’ve just never been shown how to tap into it!

What ages is this training program for?

A: The drills and movements inside Shake School are effective for all ages!

Not only do I use this same material with Pros and D1 Athletes… But I actually recommend all youth players train this way too, so they can develop faster, prevent future injuries, and grow into a more aggressive playstyle.

Is there a guarantee?

A: Of course!
If at any point during your 1 Year Membership to Shake School you’re not 100% happy with the program or the results you’re getting…

Simply let us know via email and we’ll return the entire amount you invested to join.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.

How do I access the program?

A: Once you’ve joined, you can access Shake School on any device you’d like -- computer, tablet, and phone will all work!
Plus as one of the special bonuses we’re giving you for free, we’ve included PDF’s for every workout! This way you can print them out and take them with you wherever you train.

How do I get started?!

A: Glad to hear you’re ready to go! I can promise you this is the best decision you’ll ever make for your future as a Lacrosse Player at any level.
All you have to do now is click the button below to join!
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