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Sponsored Club Benefits & Details

Team Discount Pricing

Prices Vary Based Upon Team Size and Options Selected, to see all options or to get a quote, click here

In Person Clinic Options

In Person clinics are optional, Coach Kacy can travel to your location personalized one on one coaching. This can be tailored to a teams needs.

Digital/Remote LIVE Training

Kacy can host Zoom meetings, and Zoom based remote clinics and training sessions just like he does with his Pro Athletes

+ Full Access to Shake School 2.0

Access our entire online training platform, including offense, defense, pro challenges, and pro workouts

This is NOT a Lectured Course 
OR A USELESS Drill Archive
This is NOT a Lecture Course OR A USELESS Drill Archive
   It's NOT filled with hours of talking at you
   It's NOT a list of drills with no real purpose
Shake School IS a Proven System

Introducing Shake School 2.0, 
Personalized for individual teams

 1 Year Subscription to our Training ARCHIVE

This archive contains over 50+ training videos featuring trainings filmed with Coach Kacy &  PLL & WPLL Pro Athletes 

These are not just drills that improve footwork, they teach athletes key concepts such as the proper use of space and time, and how to manipulate defenders.

Members get access to ALL our previous trainings, as well as, the NEW Releases and Live Trainings during the 12 Month Subscription

Total Value $297
(as seen on our website)
 Bonus #1
 INSTANT ACCESS To Pro Challenges

Pro Challenges are LIVE interactive challenges which are held throughout the year and are specifically designed with participating Pro athlete as well as our members in mind. 

A pro athlete completes Kacy's challenge drills first, then Kacy and the Pro Athlete films training for our Shake School members, and most importantly, Coach Kacy and the participating pro provides feedback to our Shake School members who post their own challenge videos on Instagram. 

This helps athletes avoid common mistakes and fast track their success as well as connects our members to Pro players and their insights.

Though no longer live, ALL previous challenges are also posted in our portal for our members to go back and train with as well.

Total Value $147
 Bonus #2

Our Pro Workouts are the closest thing you can get to a Shake School Clinic without attending in person.

Each pro workout features a series of drills which build upon each other and focus on key movements that are important for in game successes. The format ensures the athlete gets lots of reps to program muscle memory and also incorporates movements that help with injury prevention.

These drills and lessons feature Pros such as Kyle Harrison, Kylie Ohlmiller, Sam Apuzzo, Dempsey Aresenault, and other WPLL and PLL Pro's and are the exact same series of drills our Pros and other athletes work through at our in person clinics.

Total Value $147
 Bonus #3
 SHAKE SCHOOL Drill Blueprints

Get ALL the blueprints we've made, created to assist with the setup of every drill, you can download them on the go

Total Value $39.99
Total Value $630.99
General Public Cost $297

Sponsored Club Benefits Include:

Team Discount Pricing

In Person Clinic Options

Digital/Remote LIVE Training

Shake School 2.0

Pick your options, Get a Quote, And
Contact Coach Kacy to address questions and details

Pro Testionials

Pro Testimonials

PLL Pro 
 Kacy breaks down complex movements into basic concepts. Learning to incorporate the fundamentals into advanced movements is what can make you explosive and unpredictable.
 In order to get better I knew I had to try new things. Kacy's program got me doing movements I had never done before. It's a great program too learn from. You can learn from Pro's, Coach Kacy, and others
 Training with Kacy took my game to the next level. After a few sessions with Shake School my agility and footwork became more explosive, powerful, and elusive  

Some of our current Shake School Athletes...

Meet Coach 
Kacy Small

Meet Coach Kacy Small

Shake School Founder
4x US Lacrosse Convention Presenter/Speaker
2014 FIL World Games Captain Thailand 
Bishop ShanahanGirls Varsity Head Coach
That's right, we're so confident you'll learn from our training videos, that if for whatever reason you don't see the value, if you don't see results, then we will refund your money in full.

This is NOT For

   It's NOT for those aren't receptive to feedback 
   It's NOT for those who are unwilling to discover and break bad habbits
   It's NOT for those who are NOT willing to take on challenges in exchange for results
   Those who are afraid to compete

This IS For

   The athlete that is willing to try something new, in order to develop a decisive advantage
   The athlete that isn't willing to just sit back and do the minimum

(some people are going to put in the work, and some aren't - whos who will show when they take the field)

   The athlete that wants to get noticed. Coaches are watching, highschool, college, Pro Leagues... their following, so now is not the time to be shy
How quickly do athletes see results from this style of training?
Improvements are seen as quickly as within one training session with athletes that actively train on a regular basis. When incorporated into a regular routine both on and off season, the impact is noticeable significant. 
Are these drills effective for both girls and boys?
YES! I use these drills with our highschool girls team as well as our male PLL pro's. The core training concepts and movements are universal
How often should I practice these movements?
We reccomend athletes and coaches build the Shake School workouts into their regular training both in season and off season. Minimum of 1-2x per week. We also reccomend you change up the workouts, you can always upgrade to our full archive of workouts. 
Is online training just as effective as going to a clinic?
The instructional videos that accompany the drill blueprints are quite informative. Any athlete or coach should be able to easily understand and effectively implement the workouts by using solely the online training. The benefit of attending a live clinic is having Coach Kacy and Pro Athletes hands on and commenting, however the same critiques can be made by simply filming yourself running the drills and rewatching them or even DMing your videos to us on Instagram.
What ages are these drills most effective for?
These drills are effective for all ages. While season athletes will be quicker to make the most of violent footwork and quickmovements, it is important for the youth to train this way so they can develop faster and prevent future injuries as they grow into more aggresive game play.

Sponsored Club Benefits Include:

Team Discount Pricing

In Person Clinic Options

Digital/Remote LIVE Training

+ Shake School 2.0

  12 MONTH Subscription
$197 Value
  Access to Pro Challenges 
$147 Value
 Access to the Pro Workouts
$147 Value
 All of our Drill Blueprints
$39.99 Value
 FREE Upgrade to Shake School 2.0
$99 Value
Pick your options, Get a Quote, And Coach Kacy will contact you to address questions and details