New FEB Clinic Added 
Clinics limited to 25 athletes 

In person Training Is Back!

5 Week Training Sessions
Tuesdays June 30th - July 28th
Facility Name: Academy Sports Complex Thorndale, PA
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Cost $250 per athlete
Mondays June 29th - July 27th
Facility Name: Academy Sports Complex Thorndale, PA
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Cost $250 per athlete
Mondays June 29th - July 27th
Facility Name: Academy Sports Complex Thorndale, PA
Time: 5:00PM - 6:30PM
Cost $250 per athlete
Train like pros
play like pros
Shake School TRAINS players to BE explosive, crafty and creative at the "Point of Attack".
Training with "Shake School" took my game to the next level.

I know Kacy genuinely cares for his athletes success by the immense amount of thought he's placed into effective training programs. 

Just a few sessions with "Shake School" and my agility and footwork became more explosive, powerful, and elusive."  
- Lauren Lea
WPLL Pro / NY Fight
Florida Lacrosse Alumni
ECD Pro Athlete
You'll Experience:
Hands On Training
Watch and learn as the pros training then take it to the next level with 1 on 1 training and lots of reps with Coach Kacy and Pro Athletes
Lots of Reps
Learn new drills and techniques that are designed to "over train" the athlete during our sessions so that Game Day movements are much more efficient and dynamic allowing for elusive footwork and more goal scoring opportunities
Reduced Risk of Injury
Our movement patterns and training techniques are all very focused on "injury prevention". And our belief is that in order to be explosive on game day, you MUST TRAIN certain skill and muscles on a regular basis.
You'll Learn TO:
Improve Footwork
With the amount of reps given during a training session, we can often see improvement within that very same day
Learn To Create Space
The skills and techniques will teach the athlete to create space from their defenders so it becomes 10x harder for a defender to stick with and stop the offensive attack
Increase Shots & Goals
Our patterns and training techniques teach the athelete how to not only attack the defense but really how to create shot opportunities, which will inevitably lead to more shots and therefore more goals.
Clinic Date
NJ Sports House
12 Wright Way, Oakland, 
New Jersey 07436
11:00AM - 1PM 
This Clinic's Pro:
Kylie Ohlmiller
session format
This will be fast paced and high tempo with TONS of reps
don't just take our word for it
praise from Pros
 What I love about working with Kacy from Shake School is he breaks down the movements into basic concepts. You learn the fundamentals, practice them, and learn how to incorporate everything into your movements making you more explosive and unpredictable.
  Kacy creates game like drills and incorporates movements that transition easily into game situations. Training like this is extremely important, specifically for younger athletes because it forces them to practice realistic movements rather than just "shooting around"
who can register
This clinic is for you if...
You consider your skill level to be advanced 

9th Grade Girls AND Up, including college! 

Athletes DO NOT compete "against each other" They will train together but NOT VS Each Other. 

There is NO CONTACT in our session.
Kacy With Myles Jones @ LaxCon2019
who is Kacy Small
6x US Lacrosse Convention Speaker
​Shake School Founder
​2014 FIL World Games Captain Thailand
​Bishop Shanahan Girls Varsity Coach
His training will help you:
Learn new techniques
Create More Shot Opportunities
Improve Your Foot Work
Reduce Risk Of Injury
Correct mistakes
Develop proper form